Smoking Cessation

CONGRATULATIONS for making the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle! Acupuncture will help you to overcome the physical addiction to nicotine and to significantly reduce or eliminate the cravings and stress that are associated with the withdrawal process.

The two-treatment program is given on two consecutive days (initial studies, on this program show an 80-85% success rate). The first acupuncture treatment will reduce the withdrawal symptoms to a tolerable or insignificant level. After the second treatment there is usually minimal craving or other symptoms of withdrawal.

It is very important that you do not smoke during this time or you will need to start over with two treatments again.
A small percentage of people need a third treatment because their bodies break down the nicotine more slowly. Another group of people, those with very high-stress levels, may also need from one to three booster treatments. These treatments further lower your stress level, thus reducing the desire to use nicotine as a way to cope with stress. Booster treatments are usually scheduled once per week, but can be scheduled according to your individual needs. If you feel you are in the VERY HIGH-STRESS LEVEL GROUP, please let your acupuncturist know.

It is important at this time to reduce your caffeine intake to 1/2 to 1 cup of coffee, cola or other caffeine beverage a day. If you get a headache due to caffeine withdrawal you may drink another 1/2 cup and that should eliminate it.

To reduce stress, it is very beneficial to exercise. If you don’t have a regular program, take a walk in the fresh air or walk in place for several minutes near an open window raising your knees high and moving your arms as if you are marching.

Abdominal breathing is also very helpful to reduce stress. It is easiest to learn while lying on your back. Place your hand on your lower abdomen and breathe slowly and deeply. Feel your abdomen raise, as you slowly inhale and fall as you slowly exhale. You should not have much movement in your chest if you are breathing correctly.

Now is the time to exercise your willpower. If you feel the urge to smoke, start thinking about all the reasons why you want to quit. It is good to repeat a positive affirmation such as “Everyday I am becoming healthier and healthier,” or “I am strong and healthy,” or make up your own saying that will fit your desired goal to quit.

Some people who have successfully quit smoking have found it supportive to come in for an extra treatment when they are experiencing a stressful period in their lives. The treatment reduced their stress and they were able to overcome the psychological desire to smoke again.

It is a good idea to schedule the stop-smoking treatments during a less stressful time of your week or month.


The program involves 2 consecutive treatments, for a total cost of $135.00

Learn how 2 people quit smoking with Acupuncture at the Muscle Therapy & Acupuncture Center.